8 Ways Empathic People Love Differently


Being loved by somebody is one of the best things in the world. However, being loved by an empathic person is something extraordinary. It’s actually something you haven’t felt before.

If an empathic person loves you, it’s like you are experiencing a love from another planet. Sometimes you will find yourself wondering whether you deserve to be loved by such an amazing creature.

Here Are Eight Ways Empathic People Love Differently:

#1 They will be in tune with you almost all the time

Love with an empathic person will be intense. It’ll be honest as well as it’ll be something you’ve never experienced before. In case you are lucky to be loved by an empathic person, you will see shades and colors you’ve never seen before.

They’re energetically sensitive and pick up on what’s going on around them. Also, they will be in tune with you almost all the time.

#2 They are able to see many things and feel many emotions that you cannot

They are highly intuitive people. They are able to see many things and feel many emotions that you cannot. So, you will sometimes have the feeling that you are being spied on. However, it isn’t what you think.

Due to their intuition, they are able to sense things you do not tell them. You will not be capable of hiding your emotions from them and the best part is that they will always be there for you. They will always help you deal with your emotions, as they know exactly what to do in each situation.

#3 They’ll always tell you the truth, regardless of how painful it may be

They’ll always tell you the truth, regardless of how painful it may be. They cannot stand being lied to. They believe that it’s much better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

You won’t be lied to, as they hate lying. You will not have to worry that you are being manipulated or that they are lying to you. You will always be clear with where you stand with them. You will always get the truth in the relationship, and it’s something most couples lack.

#4 They aren’t clingy, so you will always have enough space for yourself

They do not want to be surrounded by people all the time. Sometimes, for them, it’s too overwhelming to be surrounded by people. They want to spend time alone to rest from everything that is overbearing to them as well as to process their emotions. But, it does not mean that they want to ‘hunt’ for somebody else or that they’re bored of you. It simply means that they want to recharge themselves and that they will get back to you when they get a chance.

The good news is that they aren’t clingy, as they know the benefits of spending time alone. So, you will always have enough space for yourself.

#5 They do not fall in love easily, but once they open their heart, you will be the one that receives all the love that was being held back

Many believe that empathic people fall in love easily. However, it isn’t true. If they’ve been hurt a few times, they may lock their heart. If there is no one to tell them everything will be fine and that they aren’t alone, it may get almost impossible to approach them.

You should fight for them, as when they decide to open their long-time caged heart, you will be the one that receives all the love that was being held back.

#6 When they’re hurt, they won’t project their pain on you

When they’re hurt, they won’t project their pain on you, so it’s something you shouldn’t worry about. However, they may get distant or even forget about you for a while in order to heal.

But, you shouldn’t leave them alone. Of course, you should give them some time, but let them know that they aren’t alone and that you are always there for them.

#7 They will never ghost you or cheat on you

An empathic person’s heart is often broken by inequalities, injustice, and the amount of toxicity in other people. So, chances are that you will not get hurt by an empath.

They’re aware of the pain in the world and that is why they will do their best to protect your heart. You will not have to worry that they will ghost you or cheat on you.

#8 They will always give you more than you deserve

Empaths aren’t selfish people and do not think only about their own well-being. They make you thank God on a daily basis that they exist on the planet. They are like human-shaped angels. Therefore, being loved by an empathic person is definitely a blessing.

If they love you, they’ll give you everything they can. They will selflessly give you their time and love. They will not hold anything back from you, since they are natural givers. You will probably get more than you deserve as giving to other people comes naturally to them.

Being loved by an empathic person will be one of the most amazing and fulfilling loves you’ve ever experienced. You will have somebody that will always care for you and that will give you more than you deserve. You will have somebody that will always be there for you and that will make you their top priority.

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Every Empath Will Try To Hide These 10 Things From You (And Everyone)

Empathy is the ability to recognize, comprehend, and share the feelings of another person. It differs from sympathy in many ways, as the latter is a feeling of care and concern for someone, not sharing their emotions.

Empaths are high on the empathic spectrum, which gives them an incredible compassion for people. However, this also makes them drained by feeling too much, a problem which is quite difficult to overcome.

How To Recognize An Empath

1. Sensitivity

Empaths may try to conceal the fact that they are so sensitive. They do this in part so that they maybe seen as a source of strength for those around them.

Empaths don’t want to be a burden, so they hide their own emotions.

2. They absorb emotions

An empath can feel happy when those around her are happy and down when those around her are down.

Empaths are so emotionally connected to others that they experience the emotions of others almost as if they were their own.

3. Introverts

Empaths enjoy spending time alone as they are so in-tune with others` emotions. To avoid being rude, they are oftentimes extroverted introverts.

4. They love deeply

Empaths are extremely compassionate and always care about their family, friends, and the society in general. They are capable of loving deeply and being appreciative for those in their lives.

5. Easily taken advantage of

A manipulative person can easily take advantage of an empath.

This is because manipulators are able to spot empaths and use their empathic abilities against them in order to get what they want.

A manipulator knows what buttons to push with an empath in order to achieve their goals.

Empaths need to be wary when they get the sense that they are being manipulated by someone.

6. Highly intuitive

Naturally, empaths are very connected to their own feelings.

An empath will trust their gut feelings to make important decisions. Empaths have a sense of being connected to the universe and are able to use intuition to guide them on a daily basis.

7. They’re Easily Stressed

Because empaths feel all emotions very strongly, it can be easy for an empath to become overwhelmed.

In addition, having too many tasks at a time can also make an empath feel inundated. This can be very stressful for an empath.

8. They are human lie detectors

Empaths have various capabilities when it comes to reading others. They are great at reading people, detecting lies, and seeing through people`s masks.

9. They give too much

Empaths spend a lot of time and energy tending to other people’s needs. This can leave an empath with a lot of negative emotions.

Empaths feel a deep need to help others, but sometimes while they’re helping others they may be harming themselves emotionally.

When an empath tries to retreat so they can recharge, they can sometimes feel like they’re being selfish.

Empaths need to remember to take care of themselves even though they may not be used to putting themselves first.

10. They heal with nature

Last but not least, empaths are great nature-lovers and enjoy spending time outdoors. They relish any time spend outdoors and will always take any opportunity given to be in nature. Nature serves as source of positive energy for these people and they use it to replenish their positive vibes.

How To Protect Yourself If You Are An Empath

Although being an empath can be an amazing gift, it is oftentimes a heavy responsibility. Being able to deal with their emotions is of utmost importance, not to mention those emotions of the people around them. There are the ways to protect yourself while still caring for those around you:

Look out for narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, all of which have ‘empathy deficient disorders’. This means that they lack the ability to feel empathy, which is oftentimes caused by an under-active mirror neuron system.

It has been scientifically shown that many people tend to pick up the feeling of those around them, which is known as emotional contagion. In other word, you as an empath should choose positive people to hand out with.

Sources: http://seizepositivity.com, higherperspectives.com


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