After Refusing Chemotherapy,Mother, 44, Killed her Deadly Breast Cancer By Using Cannabis Oil


Mother gets clean bill of health from breast cancer after course of CBD oil.

A mother claims that she has cured herself from deadly breast cancer using purely CBD oil, an extract from the cannabis plant.

Dee Mani, 44 decided against chemotherapy after receiving her diagnosis, instead opting for a more natural route.

Her doctors now say that she is completely free of breast cancer – just five months after starting her treatment.


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Dee Mani, 44, refused chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer

While there are many success stories out there of people claiming that cannabis and CBD have cured their cancer, there have been no comprehensive trials, which means doctors are still unable to suggest it as a form of treatment.

Mani says that she refused chemotherapy after her sister sadly lost her life to cancer, after chemotherapy failed her.

Chemotherapy is still the main treatment offered to people with a new cancer diagnosis, although it is a highly aggressive and dangerous treatment, and some even argue that it can make the cancer worse.
The legal status of cannabis oil in the UK is still in its infancy, and rather confusing. Many online retailers can sell CBD oil as a food supplement.

Mani found a lump in her breast in March 2017, and after being told that it was cancer, went online to look for alternatives to chemotherapy.

She decided to invest in a treatment of CBD oil which she payed just £22 a month for, which she took every evening and said that it tasted ‘disgusting’.

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Ms Dani is still clear of cancer and continues to take the oil every night. She has written about her journey in a new book called ‘My Way’ (pictured with partner Ryan, 33, Layla and Tyley, 11)

Mani explained her decision:

‘Because of what happened to my sister, there was no way I was having chemo or radiotherapy.

‘At first when I spoke to the doctor I agreed to everything I was told, I said I’d have one year worth of chemotherapy but then I did my research.’

Although Mani has been given the all clear from cancer, she still takes the CBD oil each night, and has written about her story in a book about her experience called ‘My Way’.

She said:

‘After finding out about cannabis oil I started to put one drop into a capsule every night and take it before bed.

‘Within four months I believe that I cured myself and then when I was given the all clear, I knew it was the cannabis that cured me.’

The science behind why cannabis oil can have such an amazing effect on cancer is still very much unknown, but stories like Manni’s and many others out there prove just how effective a treatment it can be.

Via The Daily Mail


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